Addon not found in Maven


cannot find TableExport and FlexibleOptionGroup in maven repository.


Which i am pointed to on the addon page.

Have you added both, the

and the

listed on the add-on page to the pom.xml in your project? And Maven still fails to resolve the dependencies?

It can found the refresher addon, and i went to the url and in the xml output i couldn’t find the two addons defined but
i could find the refresher.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by the XML output. When using Maven, you only need to copy-paste the dependencies from the add-on page in Directory to your pom.xml and let Maven resolve the dependencies and download the required JAR files for you.

I just quickly created a new Maven project as a test, added TableExport and FlexibleOptionGroup add-ons with Maven and didn’t have any problems.

If you just want to download the JAR files without Maven, you should use the download button on the Directory add-on page instead of the Maven POM button.

Sorry for wasting your time. Misconfiguration in my POM.

No problem, happy to hear you got your problem resolved.