Addon compile not working!

Hi All,

When i drag and drop a Addon JAR File in du WEB-INF/lib the only popup i get is eclipse asking me for copy oder linking the file … when i click okay sure the file is in the folder but there is no gwt compile or something like that.

Can anybody help me plz?

Greetz Nico


please ensure that your project has the Vaadin facet: open project properties → Project Facets → ensure that “Vaadin plug-in for eclipse” is checked. When that is done there should be a “Vaadin” selection in the project properties. There you can suspend the automatic widgetset builds - make sure this is not checked.

If all else fails you can always compile the widgetset manually by selecting the project and selecting “Compile Widgetset” from the dropdown menu of the vaadin button in the eclipse toolbar.


Okay thanks Teppo Kurki :wink: … automatic widgetset builds was checked. but automatic compile nevertheless work …

I have compiled with the toolbar button now :slight_smile: