Adding Touchkit Addon is disturbing the whole application UI


I’m using vaadin 7.3.1 and using the reindeer theme with some customizations.
I want to add Touch facility to my application so i added vaadin-touchkit-agpl 4.0.0 addon to my application.
This disturbed all my application’s UI.
Loading symbol got disturbed
Combobox got changed.
table’s header part also got changed.

I have also changed the superclass of my servlet from vaadinServlet to TouchkitServlet.
Even if i changed the theme to valo also there is disturbance in the components appearance like combobox and dateField.

If i remove the touchkit addon then everything is looking fine.

How can i solve this issue? Please Help.

Thanks a lot


You should have separate widgetsets for both desktop and mobile UI. Then make sure that the touchkit widgetset (the tag in .gwt.xml file) don’t end up to your desktop version. To do this, either disable automatic widgetset updating in you build or add following line to your .gwt.xml file:

That hints the build tool to skip automatically adding add-ons to your gwt module declaration file. But note that after that you need to add them manually.



I had the same problem of Desktop UI getting disturbed. So as you instructed i created seperate widgetsets for both desktop and mobile UI. Now desktop UI is looking fine, but Mobile UI got disturbed.

I added this line in both the widgetsets.

Where am i making mistake?

Please help!

Disturbed? What modules are there defined now in your widgetset files?


Actually there is no mistake with widgetsets, i was making mistake in styles.css of my touchkit theme. There was a line
@import “…/base/styles.css”;

which was disturbing the UI.

Having two widgetsets is working fine. Thanks Matti Tahvonen!