Adding static image to Google App engine project

Hi Vaadin devs,
I’m stuck with probably simple to solve issue. I’m trying to add image to my app running on GAE. I’m using vaadin visual editor, I created my custom component, added embedded element (image). By default in properties of image (in visual designer) there is source given like “theme://img/component/icon.png” which is then expanded to “/VAADIN/themes/reindeer/img/component/icon.png” on server. Now the question is where to add this image in eclipse. I tried to add icon.png to jar (vaadin-themes-7.0.6.jar to reindeer theme directory, but it didn’t work and it broke something with style css. I tried to change path from “theme://img/component/icon.png” to something like “img/icon.png”, but as I see the designer don’t allow me to change it, it’s always restored to “theme://…” path.

So where should I put my icon.png in project files and what source path should I give in visual designer in order to make it work properly ?

Thanks for help

OK, I found solution myself, I’ll post the solution maybe it will help someone.
In appengine-web.xml I added :

<include path="/**.png" />

I’ve put the logo.png to path (you can create dirs with context menu in eclipse):


It’s odd a little, that visual designer force to use path with “war/VAADIN/themes/reindeer/…” and don’t give possibility to use straight path like “war/images/…”