Adding Spring support in dashboard application

Hi all,
I’m a newbie of Vaadin and I’m trying to integrate Spring in Vaadin Dashboard application.
I’ve modified views and UI as shown here below.

@SpringView(name = TransactionsView.VIEW_NAME)
public class TransactionsView extends VerticalLayout implements View {

    public static final String VIEW_NAME = "transaction";

    Greeter greeterService;
    void init() {
    // build layout
    public void enter(ViewChangeEvent event) {
        logger.debug("+++ enter +++");
@Title("QuickTickets Dashboard")
public final class DashboardUI extends UI implements ViewDisplay{

Everything works fine until I click on Transactions view button:
the problem is that I got a nullpointerexception on injected bean because init method with PostCostruct annotation (where beans is used) hasn’t been called …
It seems that in DashboradNavigator views have already been created before ViewProvider construction, so that init method in view is not called.
Could it be the right reason for that issue?
Thanks for help.

        // A dedicated view provider is added for each separate view type
        for (final FisiomanagerViewType viewType : FisiomanagerViewType.values()) {
            ViewProvider viewProvider = new ClassBasedViewProvider(
                    viewType.getViewName(), viewType.getViewClass()) {

                // This field caches an already initialized view instance if the
                // view should be cached (stateful views).
                private View cachedInstance;

                public View getView(final String viewName) {
                    View result = null;
                    if (viewType.getViewName().equals(viewName)) {
                        if (viewType.isStateful()) {
                            // Stateful views get lazily instantiated
                            if (cachedInstance == null) {
                                cachedInstance = super.getView(viewType
                            result = cachedInstance;
                        } else {
                            // Non-stateful views get instantiated every time
                            // they're navigated to
                            result = super.getView(viewType.getViewName());

                    return result;

            if (viewType == ERROR_VIEW) {
                errorViewProvider = viewProvider;