Adding items to table


I’m creating a sort of time table for classes, and I need to add data from database and a form to a table that shows all the info.

This is my POJO class, schedule private int id; private int dayOfWeek; private LocalTime startTime; private LocalTime endTime; This is how I build the table

tbl_schedule.addContainerProperty("id", Integer.class, null); tbl_schedule.addContainerProperty("dayOfWeek", String.class, null); tbl_schedule.addContainerProperty("startTime", LocalTime.class, null); tbl_schedule.addContainerProperty("endTime", LocalTime.class, null); And this is how I add the new item to the table

Object newId = tbl_schedule.addItem(new Object[] { schedule.getId(), schedule.getDayOfWeek(), schedule.getStartTime(), schedule.getEndTime()}, null); That function returns null, so the new item is not being added.

I know I could use a BeanItemContainer but this class has a dependency with another one (my class has one or more schedules) and I don’t know how to handle that.

Also, I want to show the day as a String like sunday, monday etc. I have tried with a custom StringToIntegerConverter, with no result. The table should looks like this:

Day of Week | Start Time | End Time

monday | 9:00 | 11:00
wednesday | 10:00 | 12:00

Any advice?


U must be seeing this:

Severe: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Value is of invalid type, got java.lang.Integer but java.lang.String was expected


tbl_schedule.addContainerProperty("dayOfWeek", String.class, null);

But u are putting an

Object newId = tbl_schedule.addItem(new Object {
 schedule.getDayOfWeek(), //according to your model, this is a primitive int value