Adding a simple checkbox into a Grid

​I am having trouble adding a checkbox into a grid column: I am using the add-on “Grid Renderers collection For Vaadin7”, but is bot behaving the way I need it…

What would be the simplest way to add a CheckBox into a column of a Grid? I need only basic functionality: like in the Valo example for table (when the check box “Components in Cells” is selected) :!tables

Thank you for any help…

Something like this?

IndexedContainer ic = new IndexedContainer();
ic.addContainerProperty(“columnId”, Boolean.class, false);
Item i = ic.addItem(new Object());

Grid grid = new Grid(ic);
grid.getColumn(“columnId”).setRenderer(new CheckboxRenderer());
[/code]Be sure you compile and deploy your widgetset before you attempt to use the Grid Renderers add-on, as the client side will not work without this.