adding a Link in IndexedContainer.

I need a help for including a link in IndexedContainer. The scenario is like this:
The android mobile takes picture using camera and sends the image to vaadin application. The vaadin application accepts the image and stores into the local directory and updates the path into the database. Till here every thing is working fine.
Now the i have to set the path of the image as an link in the IndexedContainer.(the image path will be retrieved from the database), so that when user clicks on the link the image get displayed in new Window.
Please help me how to set link in IndexedContainer and how should i show the image in new window.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

To use components in the Table, you need to create them using a GeneratedColumn. As a component I’d suggest a normal Button. You can then serve the file inside an Embedded using e.g. FileResource.

i have done the same thing as the link is working i.e the link is showing in the indexed container and also the window gets displayed but it is not getting the image from the specified locatrion. I have checked the image is already present in the directory.
Below is my code :

final	String tempImageName=System.getProperty("user.home")+File.separator+"TrackMe"+File.separator+"check.png";

                 File file=new File(tempImageName);

	  FileResource fileResource=new FileResource(file,imageWindow.getApplication());

             imageLayout.addComponent(new Embedded("",fileResource));

It could be that Java doesn’t have permission to access that folder, or that you are trying to access the wrong folder. Double-check the absolute path that Java tries to read from, and try a file from a known path as well… e.g. c:\myfile.txt.

It has permission to access that directory since it is accepting image from android device and stores in that directory and then update the database. and later retrieves the image path from database and then shows to user.
It is throwing FileNotFountException…

Thanks Thomas for your suggestion . I have solved the problem.:bashful::bashful: