Added a web.xml and lost vaadin themes

Hi everyone, I’m new using vaadin. I started an application, got it running and now I am about to extend it and improve it. First thing I needed was to add the app a web.xml and a context.xml files. The problem is that when adding the web.xml I lost the themes. I found this thread, but I don’t use maven: and I don’t know how to get the vaadin themes accesible to my app, or if it’s possible without maven. Here my web.xml :

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
id="VINIpro" version="2.4"






Is it possible that when switching to web.xml you removed the VaadinServletConfiguration annotations AND the Theme annotation? In that case just add the @Theme annotation back to your UI class.

You have productionMode set to true. Did you compile your theme? Vaadin won’t automatically compile SASS to CSS in production mode.

Annotations are still there, the header of my UI class:


public class ViniproUI extends UI {
public static class Servlet extends VaadinServlet {
[/code]I didn’t compile the scss, that’s why I pointed out that I weren’t using Maven, because on the book, it says to include it on your pom.xml etc, etc. Can i do it manually and just add the result to my WEB-INF folder?

Yes; the vaadin eclipse plugin can do it for you, and there is a standalone compiler in the vaadin-sass-compiler (or theme-compiler in older versions) JAR file that you can use from the command line. see