Add-ons missing from Maven repo

I’m trying to use some recently added add-ons but they are missing from Maven fails to resolve the dependencies.

loginform 0.3.2
history 1.0.0

I tried going to their respective urls:

Which usually returns a value but get a ‘NoSuchKey’ response.
Why aren’t they there? What am I doing wrong?

I just tested it and I seem to be getting the same result. It seems like the files/artifact is either not existent or corrupted in the maven vaadin-addons repository. This should be fixed by the authors. Until then if you need a quick solution until their up again you could Download the jar file directly from the directory and then in your pom.xml you change the scope to system and add a system path to the downloaded jar (preferably in the WEB-INF/lib).

for example:


Great tip, thanks!


I can confirm that we had some issues with our repository this week. These issues are now resolved.

  • Teemu


I am also seeing a ‘NoSuchKey’ response when trying to download the ‘easyuploads’ plugin:

I can also see that Kyle’s URLs are returning ‘NoSuchKey’ again:

Is there a problem with the addons Maven repository? Can anyone help to fix it?

Many thanks,



the NoSuchKey response is expected because the repository structure is not meant to be browsed. If you follow a link to a file that actually exist, it will be returned. For example:

Is there a real reason you want to browse the repository instead of just letting Maven download the dependencies to your project?

Hi Teemu,

Thanks for the fast reply! I was trying to get grails to automatically download this addon, but it wasn’t finding it. So then I found this thread and thought possibly the maven repository was corrupted.

But thanks to your confirmation, I found out that I had an error in my configuration in grails. The reference to your maven repository needed to be in the
closure rather than the
closure in BuildConfig.groovy, like so:

// BuildConfig.groovy

// Incorrect
plugins {
    compile 'org.vaadin.addon:easyuploads:7.2.0'

// Correct
dependencies {
    compile 'org.vaadin.addon:easyuploads:7.2.0'

Thanks very much again!