Add-On Packaging Requirements...

Right now it seems that the only packaging requirement is to have the Vaadin-Widgetsets attribute set in the manifest file.

Are there other requirements or perhaps optional attributes defined?

I think it would be helpful if the following attributes were also defined (required):

  • Vaadin-Major-Version - to easily distinguish between V6 addons and V7 addons.
  • Vaadin-Addon-Name - User friendly name of the addon (rather than trying to interpret from jar name).
  • Vaadin-Addon-Version - Version of the addon (rather than trying to interpret from jar name).
  • Vaadin-Addon-Description - Description of the addon, kind of like details from the directory.
  • Vaadin-Addon-Author - Author of the addon, perhaps individual or company.
  • Vaadin-Designer-Icon - Indicates a path within the jar for an icon that the Vaadin visual designer would use in the component palette.

And perhaps some other optional attributes such as the directory url where it can be downloaded from, the various URLs from the directory (homepage, source link, etc).

Thank you for the suggestions.

Some of these such as the add-on name, version and author are handled by standard JAR manifest attributes Implementation-Title, Implementation-Version and Implementation-Vendor, so no Vaadin specific attributes will be defined for these without a very good reason.

Some of the other attributes might be useful, though - could you
create an enhancement request
for them?
Most of them should not be required and note that an add-on might not contain any component or might contain multiple components, which might complicate things for Vaadin-Designer-Icon.