add new widget in project from source

We write project with Vaadin.We alredy rewrite some widget and now want to add new widget but have some problems. =(
What I do
1.1) download from
1.2) make new project
1.3) add source
1.4) run – all work

2.1) make jar from project 1.2
2.2) add in main project
2.3) start and see – not compiling widget

3.1) add source from 1.2 to main project
3.2) start - see problem

what i must do to have plugin in our project ?

The easiest way is to use Eclipse with the
Vaadin plugin
installed. Since you have the modified add-on in a separate project, you can export the project as a Vaadin Add-on (right-click on the project, export, other, vaadin add-on package). Then add the jar into your project’s web-inf/lib, and recompile your project’s widgetset by pressing the icon on Eclipse’s toolbar. It’s the icon with a vaadin logo and a small cogwheel.