Add a portlet with embedded javascript from existing website

I am trying to develop a simple Liferay portlet with just shows the embedded live weather or traffic information from or

The snippet code provided by these sites are simple javascript code. Their advice is just embed the code snippet to the website like embedding an image. Well, should vaadin be used to develop a simple portlet to do this? Could Vaadin do this?


You might be able to use a Label with XHTML mode, or the Embedded component (browser mode, HTML content generated on the fly if necessary).

However, if the embedded javascript is all you want, having Vaadin as an extra layer might just make things more complex than necessary - would there be application logic in the Vaadin portlet, would you use Vaadin UI controls?

No. In this app, it really is just running the javascript from the third party siteā€¦ I will look into the native Liferay widgets.