AceEditor - Focus issues

Hi Guys,
I have recently downloaded the AceEditor Add-On (
) and i have a few issues with it, i hope you can help me out!

  1. The first issue is that the ValueChangeListener of the AceEditor is called in every typing event (just like the TextChangeListener), and NOT just when the area looses focus, like in a regular TextArea.
    I need a listener that would be called only when the AceEditor looses focus. i have also tried to add a BlurListener to this component, but it is also not working… any suggestions?..

  2. The second issue is also related - when i press the TAB key inside the AceEditor, it just adds a TAB to the text instead of changing focus.
    I’ve tried adding a shortcutListener with KeyCode.TAB but it didnt work… i also tried adding a shortcutListener to the whole Panel. didnt work either. any suggestions about that?..

Thank you!!