ACE Editor Addon for Vaadin7?

Hi there,

are there any plans to migrate the ACE Editoir Addon to Vaadin7?

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I would recommend contacting the author directly if there is no existing thread here that he might monitor. See the issue tracker link on the right of the directory page for the add-on.


I (the author) am planning to port the AceEditor addon to Vaadin 7 at some point. I can’t promise any schedule, though…


I just put a Vaadin 7 version of
AceEditor to Vaadin Directory
. Feel free to try out if it works. :slight_smile:

I have made some changes to the Vaadin 7 version, and some things are still missing…


thanks for the update!
Maybe I found a bug with highlighting a selected line:

: The setCursor functionality also seems to be buggy, sometimes the cursor is always set to the end of the first line and not to the specified position.

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Recently I am working vaadin ace editor(version : 0.8.14). It is working in Firefor and Chrome browser but it does not support IE. Can u help me.