Account deleted

Hi everybody,

My posts and my account have been deleted of your forum last week.
this a problem is with your forum or with me ?

Thanks in advance.

Oh no! Another one… This is a mistake! Our guys are inspecting this issue, hope it get’s fixed soon.

Ok thanks!

Something strange has happened, messages from at least since 28.8. have disappeared. I don’t know the reason, but maybe the hsqldb journal was lost during a db restart.

If the weekend’s backup looks good, I’ll restore the db. There’s just this thread after that so we won’t lose much (merging the thread into the db might be a lot work).

Time to ditch hsqldb that runs in same process that JForum. We’ve had our good time with JForum bugs, I think now is the correct time to update JForum to latest “stable” version and push data into mysql.

The reason why we have postponed this is that we have made several fixes to JForum regarding it’s security, gaptcha and email handling.

Thanks Estelle for pointing this out!

My apologies for everyone who’s messages or account have been affected. It might be that information has been permanently lost - we’ll switch to another DB to be safe in the future.

The problem seems to be worse than I expected, the last posts seem to be 15.8. and then the next ones on 4.9. Everything in between seems to be gone.

Looking from backups it seems that on 15.8. JForum has stopped writing the database log to disk for some reason, and after that kept everything only in memory… On 4.9. it was restarted, so all the messages were lost at that point. Make a note: avoid hsqldb.

It’s not entirely impossible that this hasn’t occurred before, we just haven’t noticed it. It is actually a bit hard to detect, as the thread counter jumps back a bit, so after creating a few new threads, any links will still point to existing pages. This time the JForum process had been up for an exceptionally long time, so the loss was noticeable.

It looks like JForum or the db engine have severe issues, so we’ll upgrade JForum and switch to some other db as well.

Happy migration :twisted: Sorry, couldn’t help it :smiley:

Don’t worried for me, I had posted a few message.

But you have answered several questions and it’s possible there is help an other person.

Thanks you very much for the stars :smiley:
but I’m in training period and I finished next Friday. :cry:

Thanks a lot for your help !