Accordion tab description not working

can’t find any infos to this issue or limitation info (forum, stackoverflow etc.)…
Same behavior also on the vaadin demo website
Description on Accordion itself is working, but not on tab.
Description on TabSheet Tab works fine.
We are using 7.7.10.
All your comments, hints and suggestions are welcome :wink:
Cheers, Daniel

Thanks for reporting this. I think this may be a bug. I briefly checked our sampler you linked. It is possible to assign description to “Tab 5”, I did so. Description should appear as a tool tip. I see in Google developer tools that “v-caption-hasdescription” style is correctly attached and when I hove on tab, it flashes “::before”, but text is not appearing, so something is wrong. Could you enter bug report here (there seems not to be one yet)

Hi Tatu, thanks for reply.
Cheers, Daniel