Accordion shows only one tab


I want to create an accordion layout using Vaadin 7. But even if I use the sample code, my application show only one tab. The other tabs are not available


// Create the Accordion.
		Accordion accordion = new Accordion();
		// Have it take all space available in the layout.
		// Some components to put in the Accordion.
		Label l1 = new Label("There are no previously saved actions.");
		Label l2 = new Label("There are no saved notes.");
		Label l3 = new Label("There are currently no issues.");
		// Add the components as tabs in the Accordion.
		accordion.addTab(l1, "Saved actions", null);
		accordion.addTab(l2, "Notes", null);
		accordion.addTab(l3, "Issues", null);
		// A container for the Accordion.
		Panel panel = new Panel("Tasks");
		// Trim its layout to allow the Accordion take all space.

See screen for the result.

Is there already a bug registered? I haven’t found any.

I copy pasted that code directly to an empty UI class and deployed it. Look good to me, in both Chrome and Firefox. Which version of Vaadin 7 did you use? I went with the newest, RC2.

I tried it with RC2, but still no luck. I will digg deeper in our solution and come back with the solution.

Is that code in a stand alone UI or part of some UI with multiple example views? If it is not a “stand alone” please try to create a totally new project and only put your own code snippet in it to test out. I just noticed that you had a hastag in your url, which suggests that you have more code there than what the code snippet gives. Also, which browser are you running? Firefox?

Yes, my code is part of a multi-view application using the springintegration addon.
My first impression was, that this is related to the accordion component. But it also works for me if I use a plain standalone vaadin application, as you suggested.

So I will investigate further, why it is not working in my application configuration.

I’ll keep you informed.

just to close the discussion:

We used a custom theme which causes this error. After removing our theme and switching back to the build in runo theme, everything works as expected.

We have to work on the theme anyhow, so this is not an issue anymore for our project.