Accordion Margining in Runo theme

First of all congratulation on the succesful framework!

I am currently running into a layout issue when using the accordion in a tabsheet with the Runo theme.
On the first screenshot it can be seen that there is a large margin on the left.

On the second screenshot is the same scenario but without the runo theme enabled.

I do not expect this margin and after having a look in firebug I am unable to get to the source of this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Note: This also happens when using the Accordion Light style.

Here is the related code:

		setMainWindow(new Window("Test"));

		Accordion accordion = new Accordion();

		// Have it take all space available in the layout.

		// Some components to put in the Accordion.
		Label l1 = new Label("There are no previously saved actions.");
		Label l2 = new Label("There are no saved notes.");
		Label l3 = new Label("There are currently no issues.");

		// Add the components as tabs in the Accordion.
		accordion.addTab(l1, "Saved actions", null);
		accordion.addTab(l2, "Notes", null);
		accordion.addTab(l3, "Issues", null);

		TabSheet tabSheet = new TabSheet();
		tabSheet.addTab(accordion, "Test", null);


After futher investigation it turns out that the unwanted margin was due to previous custom modifications to the style.css.