Accordian Content Display Issues

Hello fellow developers.
I have a problem with the Accordian component: a HorizontalLayout containing a single Label with ~50 chars of text expands beyond Accordian view area causing HorizontalScrollbars to appear. In my opinion it should match the view area in size and not expand larger.

In our layout of a particular Window we are using the Accordian component as a container for three different table components. Right now, we are only showing a “dummy” label indicating the expected content for each distinct section of the UI - building the framework, per design. Component assignments are handed off to developers and once completed they are “dropped” into the UI, replacing respective dummy labels.
So, that’s the context.

The dummy label components for the accordian tabs are centered inside a Horizontal Layout with padding and margin. THe problem is that it appears the content area is expanding beyond the viewable area of the accordian forcing scroll bars (both horizontal and vertical) to appear. This is unwanted behavior. I’m having to set the width of the label’s parent container (HL) to 99.9%. All that is being displayed is a label with about 50 characters (e.g. " - a table for showing foo with be here - "). So why is the Horizontal Scrollbar appearing? I also have CSS set for the HL:2px padding, 1px border, some color.

I like this product! Please keep up the great work!