Accessing HTTP Request PArameter

I am accessing a Vaadin web application from a page such as:


How can I access the request parameter passed from the JSP page to the Vaadin web application in the application itself? When I tried to there seems to be no request attribute with that name.


which Vaadin version are you using?



I tried adding the data to the session in the JSP page but then when I access the Vaadin app via URL and get the wrapped session there is nothing there.

Is the JSP servlet in the same .war file as the Vaadin app?

The VaadinServlet subclasses the HttpServlet so when the VaadinServlet is executed my assumption was that I would be able to access the request parameter(s) passed. I am accessing the context where the VaadinServlet is located from an index.jsp page.

Are you now talking about request parameters or HTTP session attributes? Session attributes can be shared between two Servlets (including a VaadinServlet and a JspServlet) through a common HttpSession as long as they are deployed in the same .war file. The HttpSession can be accessed through the VaadinSession via vaadinSession.getSession(). If you want to access request parameters, you might want to look into [Request Handlers]