Accessing frontend folder from javascript?

Hi Team,

I’m trying to access the frontend folder via javascript - but I’m getting a 500 error.

When I link in, say, an image - it shows up fine in the UI builder, but as soon as I run in development the image is not found.

The folder structure is frontend/images/test.png

Example code:

<img src="../../../images/test.png"> (works in UI builder, fails in development mode)
<img src="./images/test.png"> (fails)
<img src="/images/test.png"> (fails)
<img src="/frontend/images/test.png"> (fails)

I have permitAll permissions on frontend/** and images/** as per bakery starter vaadin 14 config.

Could you please advise how I access the frontend? I need to link up some custom javascript from here - I can’t seem to find anything in the documentation about linking to frontend from inside a polymer element.