Accessing data from external java projects

I am trying to access data from my existing java project.

I have a combo box in the itmill project and I am trying to poulate it with data from the other project. I have added the .jar files and also the project on the build path of the existing itmill project. But when I try to run the application it throws the class not found error.


Any suggestions …

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This is not a Toolkit-specific question, but more a question related to Eclipse/Tomcat project configuration. Check that you include your class to library path.

In order to help, we need to know more about your project configuration: where the missing class is deployed, is it included in the project build path, is it included in the WEB-INF/lib or WEB-INF/classes, are there any errors in building the project, does clean project help, …

Is FepsApp your IT Mill Toolkit application?
What does your web.xml look like?

It’s very hard to say anything with so little information, please describe your setup in more detail…

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thanks for your responses…issue resolved.
Was supposed to include the jar in the classpath under the run time configuration of the apache server.