Access grid-rows in TreeGrid (Framework)

I’m using the new TreeGrid in 8.1.2. I can access the HeaderRow (getDefaultHeaderRow) as a grid-row, and perform various actions on that row (merge cells, change bg-color etc), but how do I access the grid-rows in the rest of the grid? The grid is populated with data, so it should be able to access the individual rows, and to perform actions on those rows (same as header, merge cells, change bg-colors etc).



the header row and the grid body are different beasts. You can do some things with the header you can’t do with the grid rows and vice versa. Out of your examples, merging cells within the grid isn’t possible, but changing background colors is - see the setStyleGenerator method of the Grid for more information. Generally I’d recommend taking a look at the docs:, and also maybe the api documentation at

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