Access Connector class in Custom Widget

I’m planning on making a “kind of” Component Container Custom Component. I don’t want to/can’t use the AbstractComponentContainer class for this.
So I’m wondering:
How can i access the Connector (and as a result also the Widget) object of a Server side component side component passed to the custom widget.

So imagine i have a method addComponent(Component c) in the server side custom widget class. Now when i pass c to the client side the client (specifically the custom widget Connector) needs to know the Connector class instance so i can send it to the client using RPC, state, whatever. There i would add it to the DOM.

The AbstractComponentContainer seems to have this functionality built in but the way it does it by always having to deal with every added widget at ones and not being able to just send one component to the client side is a bit annoying in my case to say the least.