AbstractSelect possible bug (Severe)

the case is simple, i create and IndexedContainer with two properties (“ID” and “CAPTION”)
i populate the container with items like that (sample):

0 Mercury
1 Venus
2 Earth
3 Mars

i attach the container to the ListSelect, TwinColSelect or similar AbstractSelect with

so far so good

when it shows on my browser , and after selecting all items (its in multiselect mode)
getValue() always return the Collection [1,2,3]
the last item is never taken into account
as it shall return [1,2,3,4]
??? for my four selected items
the collection is of course item IDs not the actual property values of my container

this looks to happen when i assign the “ID” property zero (0) ???
if i assign a non-zero value to the property “ID” then it is normal behavior

Please advise if any similar behavior, Thank You in advance


Which version are you using and could you create a small code snippet as i just tried to recreate it in a small example and it was working fine using the latest vaadin version.

Oh and please remove your old duplicate post in the “wrong” category

first thank you for the reply, in fact i figured out that i posted the case in the wrong section, sorry for that - deleted.
I am using Vaadin 7.5.5 , but the problem was in 7.4.8 as far as i remember and i updated to 7.5.5 hoping to solve
I did attach a sample code of the case with comments, hope it is clear enough as to grab the issue.

again, thank you in advance.

21302.java (2.68 KB)

There must be something else in your code. I just tried your exact code with a slight modification to fit in my Test UI and i got [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
on button click.

Thanks for looking at it
i have been hitting my head for one week or so on it
i will make a new project with a unique layout and get back asap.

ty, gn

Hello, i made a very simple project and it works as expected (attached the unit code)
so definitively it is something else (i am using 4 nested layouts… so maybe yes, maybe not)
i will go thoroughly through it

Thank you
21326.java (3.46 KB)