about vaadin table

Is the table redrawn when we change value of property(column) of an item(row)?

eg:Item item = results.getItem(event.getItemId());

I have some css styles applied to table headers before the above line is executed. but on execution of the above line all styles are lost


if you update some properties (or remove/add items) the Table will be notified about this and the relevant parts will be updated in the browser. The whole table should not be redrawn and this should not affect the styling set to table headers.

Any chance you could share a bit more, e.g. the css you’re using to customize the table headers?


Hi Tepi,

I need to change the background color of the header cell of the column on which i click and not of all the column headers.
so i use jquery .addclass() to change the background color. it works fine if i just browse the table without changing the values of the properties on any item.

apart from changing the backgroud color of header of the column i click on… i need to change the clicked cell value too.I do this in itemclicklister. the header cell styles are lost when cell value changes,


I see that the table id painted again evetime you chage the value of the property of an item thus adding old css style. can i override some method/methods to retain the styles?