about Quicktickets Dashboard's theme of table(TreeTable) can not display pr


I use Vaadin7.1.0 for my project, and use QuickTickets Dashboard theme in it, I want to ask why TreeTable can not display properly, Table's vertical-line in content and title can not be Alignment in VerticalLayout.
I want keep in use of the theme, so how can I change the theme to make it can be displayed properly?

Thanks in advance



I had the same problem, here is my solution. Add this to the table.scss file:

    .v-treetable .v-table-cell-content:first-child .v-table-cell-wrapper {
        @include box-sizing(content-box);

this rule “overwrites” the box-sizing definition for the table:

    .v-table-cell-content:first-child .v-table-cell-wrapper {
        padding-left: 8px;
        @include box-sizing(border-box);


Hi, i use vaadin 7.5 and QuickTickets Dashboard theme in it, but tree table and progressbaar are not displayed.

Thanks in advance