About dev.itmill.com, automated tests and nightly builds

During our “Monday breakfast” here at IT Mill, we had a presentation + discussion about the new functionality being set up on dev.itmill.com, automated tests, and such. I decided to collect a few comments here:

  • On dev.itmill.com there should be information (i.e an email address) to which one can send patches - right now some names are mentioned, but no email.

  • The Nightly Build Test -page has run-times, but they are not explained and seem long; they’re long because the time includes communication, starting the browser, memory measurements, and some built-in delays. This should be explained, or (IMO better) display the runtime for the actual “script-run” (as indicated in the detailed report for each testcase).

  • The Nightly Build Test -page and the Nightly Build Download -page are IMO overlapping, and should be combined, i.e: the
    nightly download page
    linked from itmill.com should in fact be
    the nightly test page
    , perhaps with some modifications.

  • The
    the nightly test page
    could show the ‘overall result’ more clearly.

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Oh, and one more thing: an RSS feed for the nightly tests would be really nice :slight_smile:


I edited dev.itmill.com main page which asks fellow developer candidates just to write any email to forums describing their need. Our developers will take the ball from there.

Memory measurements are only taken before any test case is executed and after all test cases have been executed (after sessions have been expired first).

Runtime is kind of a guestimate currently, because currently we run our tests under an environment which does bunch of other stuff too (this affects to our runtimes which is bad). However, runtimes gives some valuable information if any testcase e.g. starts to take twice amount the time.

Runtime and memory consumption is going to be more accurate on coming version, I had a few bugs which are now fixed but not yet deployed to “official” test environment.

I think we’ll move “nightly” URL to “nightlybuilds” URL after transition from old autobuilder to new one is complete. Marko will take action from this…

I’d like to suggest some language-changes on the front page (dev.itmill.com).

I’d like to change “commit-rights” to “commit access” to be more clear and thus the “get committing rights” would be changed to “gain commit access”.

Currently the “commit-rights” sounds very convoluted to me.

You can edit the wiki directly…

Would have if I could have :slight_smile:
I don’t seem to have enough privilidges to edit pages (or at least the front page).

It’s there, but “lost” due to migration from older Trac database. I think we need to update some template within Trac. Latest Trac that we are using has a functionality which adds “RSS feed” for every Wiki page.

Any Trac tweaker volunteers? :slight_smile:

Registration process is still under construction. Sorry!

Just ask for trac account from marko.gronroos (at) itmill.com