A way to disable ICEPush after using it

Hey Guys,

I am using the ICEPush add-on Version 0.1.2 so that a thread which is running in the background can tell the UI its done processing its changes on the server, so the UI can then fetch the changes and update its self (The processing on the server occurs only once a user submits a request, not periodically or continuously but since it takes a long time, I did not want to tie up the UI so that is my reason for using a separate thread for the server side processing ). Now I understand that ICEPush uses long polling connections between the client and server to keep them synchronized, and from taking a look at FireBug under the Network tab, I see HTTP connections being created and they timeout after approximately 50 seconds, and a new connection is started.

My question is there a way to disable ICEPush, once my thread finished executing and I have called the “push()” method on ICEPush and the UI has been updated, since after that there will no longer be changes being pushed from the server to client. I have tried removing the ICEPush component from the UI, and I have also tried detaching it, after the processing has been completed and the thread has finished but that has not worked. Even once I go away from the UI where I am using ICEPush, I am seeing the continuation of the long polling connections, and this is a concern for me, as these long polling connections will continue to run although they are no longer being utilized.

Any help or lead into the right direction will be truly appreciated.

Mohamed Ahmed

Hello Mr Ahmed,

I was wondering if you found a way to deal with it.
Any information on this will be helpful.