A real example to beginner

I am a newbie and I am trying to give a chance to VAADIM because seems that I looking for but it exhaustive to try to do these examples. Tomcat, maven, Eclipse,etc,etc…really I got a headache!!

There is no a simple example to use the editor and use the component graphical to try. I read the examples , the demo but I just see code , code and code and really for me doesnt want. I just wanna use drang - drop just that.

Someboy has a real example without brain shock :stuck_out_tongue:

I am reading the book but more code ,more concepts … like I always have said the java problem is talks so much to say something.

I know java, just for console, and really I dont want code anymore. I saw setX,setY position like gotoxy of pascal 20 years ago, uffff

Any cluees?


How can I use just editor not code?

Eclipse is a editor for writing software. In Eclipse, Vaadin has a plugin that allows you to easily create a project without coding, and the same plugin has the drag and drop -view for creating views for your application.

Tomcat is a server for showing java web applications. Jetty is another one. You will need a server to show your web application, as it is with every web application language.

To set up Eclipse and server, check
Book of Vaadin, 2.1 Setting up the Development Environment

To install the vaadin plugin to eclipse, check
Book of Vaadin, 2.2 Installing Vaadin

To create a project with the plugin, check
Book of Vaadin, 2.3 Your first project with Vaadin

To create the view that you can edit with the visual editor, check
Book of Vaadin, 7.2 Creating a new Composite

To use the visual designer, check
Book of Vaadin, 7.3 Using the Visual Designer

With that being said, you should be able to drag components to your view and show them, but I can pretty much promise that you can’t create a whole application with a visual editor. Application requires logic, and logic can’t be added by dragging and dropping. For example, you have to specify what a button should do after that it has been clicked. That requires you to understand the code as well.

Yes! I understand that you need logic but for me the big problem is design I dont have problem with logic. I just want a tool that I can the design and in each component the necessary code, this is my big problem when I program for web, design

Thks., I will see the chapter for use design mode.

You might want to take a look at a different tool,
Real Studio Web Edition.
That tool is similar to Vaadin in that applications run on the server while remotely displaying the user interface to the user’s web browser. Like Vaadin, you can build web apps without learning any HTTP, HTML, CSS, DOM, or JavaScript. Real Studio uses its own object-oriented language, RealBasic, which is very similar to Java. The drag-and-drop visual form editor is core to Real Studio whereas the visual layout editor for Vaadin is a separate “side dish” effort.

Vaadin is a bear to get ramped up. You must know Java, get
Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
installed, get the
Vaadin Plug-in
installed, obtain a servlet engine and web server such as
Apache Tomcat
Mortbay Jetty
, and then integrate that web server with Eclipse. By comparison, you can make a single download and get an app running with Real Studio within minutes.

While I’ve used both, I chose Vaadin over Real Studio for my major projects. Vaadin offers more widgets, and Java offers more libraries such as Joda Time and better database drivers such as the

JDBC driver
. But if you want to work only in a drag-and-drop visual editor without getting your hands dirty with coding the GUI, you may prefer Real Studio over Vaadin.

Also, if you take another stab at Vaadin, you may find the Nicolas Fränkel
helpful. Be sure to try the
5-minute tutorial
. If you successfully install the Eclipse Plugin for Vaadin, then you should be able to create a new “Vaadin Project” that automatically creates an app ready to run with a simple page. I and other folks occasionally post little mini-apps in the forums, such as
this one
that plays video.

–Basil Bourque

I’ve been using Vaadin for a couple years now without Eclipse. :slight_smile:

Yes, you need to know something about Java and Servlets, and you need a Servlet container, but beyond that all you need is Vaadin. Vaadin makes it easy for people to start writing web apps, but if you don’t know something about how Java web apps work, you’re eventually going to run into trouble. I would suggest learning a bit about Java EE before starting to use any web framework.