a global flag

Gentlemen, good evening. Please help me solve a problem. I need to set a variable of scopo global. A flag. In Vaadin 6 was easy, had Application. In Vaadin 7, no. Could anyone help me?
Thank you in advance.
A hug.

Does “global” in your case mean that the flag is shared between ALL users in the system or is it UI instance specific or maybe shared between multiple UIs within the same session? The first one can be achieved using a static field (given that you are not clustering your application). If you want something that is UI/Session specific, you could consider putting it as a
session variable

Thank you, Kim. I asked for help for a global variable (in the system). But thought better of it and I go use a singleton class. Will solve my problem and also be more elegant.
Thank you for your attention.
A hug.