A few tables from DB in one form


I have these tables in DB:

A: Id, …, …

B: Id, …, AId (a foreignKey to A)
C: Id, …, …

D: Id, BId (a foreignKey to B ), CId (a foreignKey to C)

I created the form of D table and showed the information of A, B, C tables in that (D table contains just foreign keys). Now I need to do some functions like update or inserting. I haven’t found any information on Vaadin tutorial how to deal with that kind of situation.

Thank you in advance. You are welcome to ask me some more details if it is not clear enough to you.

Not sure in what way this question is Vaadin-related … If you use a Bean(Item)Container you get just a bunch of POJOs which you can insert or update in your database any way you like.

Are there any tutorials about using POJO? I tried to search but found nothing…

A POJO is just a
bject. So absolutely nothing special. You can persist them as you would with any other Java-Object, for example via JDBC or JPA.