A few questions regarding accessibility/WAI-ARIA support.

I’ve been looking lately at the WAI-ARIA support in Vaadin, a few questions have risen out of that and I hope somebody can answer them. If I might have misunderstood something along the line, so feel free to correct me, please.

First, am I seeing this right that all of the WAI-ARIA support happens client side and there is no way to access it from the server side, like adding additional attributes?

Second, I’ve been trying to figure out when the WAI-ARIA labels are being set, to be exact to find the point at which the caption of the TextField is modified into a div which is attached with aria-labelledby to the TextField component. Seems like that is being done by the layout of the parent container, is that correct?

Now the exact use case I’m asking for is the following: We do have TextFields which we’d like to set a custom aria-label attribute, however, I was unable to achieve that because of the aforementioned questions which arose. To complicate matters a little further, we do employ a custom layout container which extends AbstractLayout (to achieve some quite complicated layouting logic). But the main idea I had was to facilitate aria-label to attach labels to the TextFields from the server side, is that possible?