A few doubts regarding SpringApplication in Incubator

Greetings, everyone!

I just read the wiki article “Spring Integration” and looked at SpringApplication in the incubator. But I still have a few doubts, hope someone could clarify them for me.

  1. It looks like Dependency Injection (or auto wiring) works automatically with just regular Spring configuration and it works on both Application instances and custom components. Correct?

  2. The login pages are implemented as JSP pages, is this required when using Spring security? Can I use Vaadin for this login UI and still integrate with Spring Security?

  3. I don’t see how the flow of control gets redirected to the Vaadin application after login succeeds, can someone please explain this?

Any hints/advice will be highly appreciated.

In our application, we use compiler weaving Spring feature to inject Spring beans (service and DAO layer) into any Vaadin (and non Vaadin) object.

And … with @Configurable(preConstruction = true), we even have injection done for the object constructor code.

Thanks to that feature, we don’t need “web framework with Spring integration” as we did a few years ago with Struts and others; in order to have Spring beans available.


We do the same (compile time weaving) for the actual build of our application, but in addition, we use load-time weaving inside our IDE for quicker development (simply starting Tomcat with -javaagent:spring-agent.jar)

It is very handy.