A case where Error Message Notification does not work

One of our window objects (a login page) throws an Error Message notification when the login is incorrect. The error message appears correctly. However, we are still able to manipulate the application, contrary to what was said in the "
Vaadin Book
". As a result, if you do not exit the error message, we can proceed as usual (such as re-entering the login info) while this message stays visible. Is this behavior normal? Shouldn’t the application be frozen from manipulation?

I’ve included the error notification as it appears in our code:

Are you using the LoginForm component? I guess it’s somehow related to LoginForm being embedded into an iframe. Same goes for Embedded browser pages. You can file a bug in dev.vaadin.com or maybe someone knows a good workaround.

Yes, it’s a loginForm, but embedded in a VerticalLayout. I do suspect that this is a bug.