A blog about using Vaadin with Java EE

Hi all,

I wanted to share
this blog about Vaadin and Java EE
with you. It’s aimed primarily at Java EE developers to show them how easily they can write UIs with the right tools. But I also hope that the Vaadin crowd using Tomcat now can get some use out of it. Specifically, that using a whole EE stack instead of just the web container makes development simpler. For example, I’ve injected a session bean into the Vaadin application so calling the back end can be done without mucking around with transactions at all (they’re handled automatically).

I know it’s not the greatest-looking UI in the world, but it required so little code!

The way I injected the session bean into the application is based on
one of your examples
, but I gave credit in the code so I hope that’s ok. (Here’s a
direct link to my class
if you want to check.)