7.4.0 release generates "Invalid Atmosphere Version 2.1.5.vaadin4-jquery"

We have an application which has survived all previous Vaadin 7 updates with no problems. With the 7.4.0 release, after changing the version in ivy.xml, resolving, rebuilding widgetsets, themes, etc., the first connection attempt gets to the first screen but no further, with the following in the Tomcat log:

Feb 24, 2015 5:20:16 PM org.atmosphere.interceptor.JavaScriptProtocol inspect
SEVERE: Invalid Atmosphere Version 2.1.5.vaadin4-jquery

Our app is push-heavy but temporarily removing the @Push annotations does not help. Any thoughts from anyone before we go back to 7.3.10?

Vaadin 7.4.0 uses Atmosphere 2.2.4vaadin2. Do you have another version installed in your project somewhere?

The clientside Atmosphere version in Vaadin 7.4.0 should be 2.2.6.vaadin3 – sounds like you have an old Atmosphere jar left on the classpath somewhere.

Thanks for both suggestions. I’ll investigate.

RESOLVED! I had some old versions of vaadinBootstrap.js, vaadinPush.debug.js and vaadinPush.js hanging around in the VAADIN/ directory of my project. Removing those did the trick. Appreciate the help.