7.1 UI polling - can you listen for each poll?


We are porting our Vaadin 6 app to Vaadin 7. The only 3rd party add-on we now have is the Refresher. Obviously, it would be good to get rid of this in favour of the new core polling mechanism.

The refresher add-on allows you to ‘listen’ for each poll on the server (and we can then update labels etc on a per-poll basis).

I can’t see any such functionality in the core polling mechanism. That is, we cant detect on the server side when a poll request has happened. Is this correct?

Its no big deal, we will continue to use the Refresher component if that is the case, but it’s always good to trim down on the dependencies!

Lets see if I can get an answer this time :slight_smile:

Yes, due to an unfortunate oversight there are no poll listeners in 7.1. They will be available in 7.2 - in fact, the functionality was merged to master a couple of days ago:

Great to hear - thanks for the swift response!