6: Embedded :-), 7: BrowserFrame :-(

I have an application that I wrote with Vaadin 6. I’m uing the TabPanel and in each tab I was putting an Embedded instance that ran another web application. Two out of three web applications that were running in tabs were also Vaading applications.

I’m now porting this application to Vaadin 7. Now, when using either Embedded like before or using BrowserFrame the Vaadin applications fail when running in the outer Vaadin application Embedded/BrowserFrame. The outer application clearly interferes with the embedded application. When I run the embedded application in a separate browser tab instead it works fine, but not when embedded within a Vaadin Embedded nor BrowserFrame.

One of the Vaadin applications I’m running in the BrowserFrame are using a Tree component. When run within the BrowserFrame the Tree only shows the 2 top nodes and have no children. When looking at the data transfered in the browser the missing children are not there either, only the two parents. So the interference actually affects what is fetched from the server! When run in another browser tab it gets all data it should.

Is there any way to solve this problem ?

I upgraded from version 7.1.14 to 7.2.1, but that did not help.