6.3.9 Sizing Components - cannot get layout to size

Hello, in Book of Vaadin 8, page 135 – 6.3.9 Sizing Components

I have a FORM on the left and a GRID on the right.

How can I exactly set the width of the Form Elements?

Please view screen shot whereas half is being used for the FORM and half is being used by the GRID, I need to reduce the width of the form. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

        VerticalLayout form = new VerticalLayout(id, short_desc, long_desc, department, category, price, save);
        HorizontalLayout layout = new HorizontalLayout(form, grid);    
        //mycomponent.setWidth(100, Unit.PERCENTAGE);
        form.setWidth(30, Unit.PERCENTAGE);


If you want to distribute the components in 30/70 ratio?

layout.addComponents(form, grid);
layout.setExpandRatio(form, 3);
layout.setExpandRatio(grid, 7);

Thank you! Shall try. Johannes, would you happen to know of a link that may instruct in another question:


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.