5000 messages

It seems likely that we will reach 5000 messages today in this forum. This is major milestone for the Vaadin community because the forum is central for communications, helping each other and for cooking up new ideas. Community growth since introduction of Vaadin has been fast - the number of messages per week has roughly tripled in the past six months. Below is a graph showing the number of weekly forum posts since the beginning of 2008:

Even better than the growth is the quality - Vaadin forums and the community (you) are in my opinion exceptionally friendly to all participants. When a new member joins, no questions are considered silly and even the tough ones get answered rapidly.

I would like to thank all of you who have made Vaadin forum and community such a friendly place. Please keep up this exceptional spirit!

  • Joonas

Thanks to everyone at Vaadin and all community members.
Great framework, great people.

Oh well - we did not hit to 5000 messages yesterday… But THIS is the message number 5000 :)