4.0.1 coming

Hello Toolkit users,

Testing version of 4.0.1 is accessible from
, please have a look. It contains 14 new demos and source code for all the demos, including feature browser.

Main fixes in 4.0.1 are related to binding keyboard events into Toolkit UI components on Ajax capable terminals. Keybinding allows interacting Toolkit application with your keyboard. We bring also couple minor enhancements to next release, such as modal window.

Note that
release is not stable. We expect to release 4.0.1 final on 13th April.

Addendum: We have decided to schedule 4.0.1 ahead max. one week (latest 20th of April).

Looking forward to the 4.0.1 release - what’s the current status?
(it’s supposed to contain some features I need in my current project :slight_smile:

Features?? Shouldn’t 4.0.x just deliver bugfixes? (or did you mean that it will remove some “features” you do not need in your project :))

Still pending due to issues found in testing, but we are within day or two from release date.

Most “new features” are considered so small or as bug fixes, e.g. keybinding for UI components for Ajax side (previously worked only on HTML side) that we are still talking of maintenance release.

More info will be added to release notes.