3 different Ivy libraries in Vaadin project 7.3.6?

Hi everyone, I am new to Vaadin and I am reading the book.

I have created a new Vaadin 7 project in my workspace as in the “Step-by-step Vaadin” YouTube tutorial.
The question I have is related to the Ivy library Vaadin uses:

I noticed that my project gets created with 3 Ivy libraries. Is it normal? Are they all needed?

I have attached a screenshot of the Project Explorer view, and a screenshot which shows the Deployment Assembly of the 3 Ivy libraries.

What should I do?


Each Ivy library represents one configuration; you can see it on the 2nd screenshot: name of configuration is in square brackets.

So should I add them all to the WEB-INF/lib Deploy Path in Deploy Assembly?
Because if I don’t do that I get two warnings:
“Classpath entry…IVYDE_CONTAINER/project=myproject&ivyXmlPath=ivy.xml&confs=*& …”

What would you advise me to do?

In Deploy Assembly you need
configuration only.
configuration contains jars needed for compilation,
contains jars for widgetset compiliation in Eclipse.

All right, thank you, but how should I deal with the warnings if the ivy.xml [nodeply]
and ivy.xml [widset-compile]
are not in the Deploy Path?

Ignore them :wink:

All right, I’ll do as you say, but what about this post->
Is it concerned previous versions of Vaadin?

Wow ;-). If you don’t like the warnigs, you can try to change
file as described above.

Yes, but that was related to only one ivy file and in order to remove the warnings I should make as the user says: add the ivy lib to the Deployment Path, in this case ivy [nodeply]
, ivy [widgetset-compile]
, but you said that they should not be in the WEB-INF/lib dir, so how should I act? :slight_smile:

Add [code]

[/code] to Deployment Path and modify classpath entries for [code]

[/code] and [code]


Yeah I understood, thank you!