2 vaadin improvements?

Hi everyone,

I’m quite new to Vaadin (it’s been some months since I started reading about this framework, but I still haven’t tried it on the road :), and I’m considering basing some new projects on it.

What I’d like to know is:

  1. Is Vaadin 7 going to introduce “server-side safe modal windows” (instead of “client-side modal windows” only)?

  2. Is Vaadin 7 going to introduce freeze-and-wait in threads? I mean something like:
    // …
    String customerId = customerWindow.openModal();
    // …
    I developed an Ajax framework in Java by myself, which is nowhere near to Vaadin in terms of widgets (I only use HTML basic ones).
    However, one good feature it has is the (desktop-like) programmable logic as above: a window is a thread, so you can make it wait, open the next thread (window) in the stack and make the previous thread wait for the new one to close.
    This feature would be much missed to me if I switched to Vaadin…

Thanks very much for your replies, and congratulations for the very good work done so far!


IMO the current state is a bug - not a feature. So yes - we should fix

No. This would be very hard to do in the the server-side architecture.