2 vaadin applications in 1 war

I have idea about 2 vaadin applications deployed in 1 war.
I have mutualy exclusive url mapping for them.
I setup Spring Security to (filters=“none”) for the 1st one, and second should be accessed only by authenticated user.
I want to use 1st app also as entry point (login form) to the 2nd application.
I defined both applications as session scoped beans.
In the 1st one I call my AuthenticationManager to authenticate user.

From first try it’s not working, I can provide configuration. but do you think its even possible?.

Do the both applications use same session? if not, is it possible?

Thanks in advance for you answers!!

They should be using the same HttpSession if they are in the same WAR. You should be able to access to other application in the context from

Please note that application is only added to context when it is first accessed.