14.0.0.beta1 affecting running of the previous versions

I started testing 14.0.0.beta1 from yesterday. Mainly, the Grid is throwing a lot of Javascript Type errors. I can’t make my earlier (13.0.7) grid code working with this version.

Otherwise, the most disturbing part is that, once I tested 14.0.0.beta1, my 13.0.7 code is also throwing the same errors! Finally, I had to remove all the maven cache (rm ~/.m2/repository/com/vaadin/) to make my early projects working. This means there is some mix-up in the jar versions.


There are some issues with 14 beta1, especially when migrating an old project. Hopefully a beta2 will be out this week, fixing the issues.

If your V13 code is throwing the same errors, I would suspect that something got stuck in your browser cache. Maven only replaces SNAPSHOT versions inside ~/.m2 a “mix-up in the jar versions” should not be possible

Thank you for the response. I can confirm that there is no jar versions mix-up.

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