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SQLContainer Enhanced

Drop-in replacement for SQLContainer




Enhanced version of SQLContainer. This is a drop-in replacement.

  • Auto-detect database type. If you've ever tried to use TableQuery just by following the Vaadin Docs then you've probably begun to see strange errors. This is because TableQuery really need to know what database you are using. If not, it will just take a wild guess and this may be wrong, at least if you are using Oracle or MS SQL Server. In the enhanced version we can pass a JDBC Driver Class name (something your application should know) and from this the Enhanced SQLContainer can tell what your database is and therefore use the correct SQLGenerator. Generally this makes it easier/possible to deliver solutions to your customer that can run on any supported database rather than being tied to a single type of database.
  • Support for MariaDB and Apache Derby has been added.
  • Support for conversion of vendor-specific data types such as Oracle's proprietary timestamp type or PostgreSQL's Geographic types. This type of conversion cannot be done in a standard Vaadin Converter because the conversion needs access to the JDBC connection.

Usage guide is on the GitHub README. Apart from that this is really a drop-in replacement so all of the official Vaadin documentation for SQLContainer applies.

As of Vaadin 8 there will no longer be any SQLContainer in the Vaadin Framework. What this means for this add-on is currently undecided. But in any case you can continue to use this add-on as it is also in Vaadin 8 with the v7 compatibility package.


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Minor reorganization of code.

Apache License 2.0


Vaadin 6.0+
Vaadin 7.7+
Browser Independent

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