Vaadin GWT Polymer Elements lets you build responsive, mobile-first GWT apps with free, high quality widgets that are the reference implementation for Google's Material Design, built by the Polymer team.

UI Widgets

Vaadin GWT Polymer Elements provides Java APIs for all of the Iron and Paper elements from the Polymer Element Catalog.

Responsive, mobile-first

Build responsive, mobile-first applications faster using GWT and Java.

Customizable Theme

Quickly adapt the Material Design theme to your brand by changing a few CSS properties.

Supports All Modern Browsers

Vaadin GWT Polymer Elements support the same browsers as Polymer supports. Read more ›

Free and Open Source

Both Vaadin GWT Polymer Elements and the Iron and Paper elements are completely open source and free to use. View on GitHub ›

Commercially Supported

Vaadin provides support in using GWT Polymer Elements in your projects. Support subscriptions ›


Over 60 widgets, including badges, buttons, cards, checkboxes, dialogs, drawer, panels, dropdown menus, tabs, spinners, sliders...

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Vaadin Grid

The best data grid for GWT, with advanced features like lazy loading, virtual scrolling, frozen columns, complex header and footer rows, touch support, keyboard navigation, accessibility and much more.

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