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After 5 years of using Google Web Toolkit for rendering, the upcoming version 7 of Vaadin Framework will include GWT as a core component. This means that Vaadin 7 is a fully compatible drop-in replacement for GWT and our commercial support covers GWT based projects.
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Vaadin > GWT

GWT is one of the core parts of Vaadin Framework, but there is more

The server-side development model doubles productivity by automating everything related to browser and ajax communication. Built-in themes make your application look great, data sources help you connect to the backend and the UI components make building a great user experience easy.

You could say that Vaadin is a superset of GWT for business oriented applications with focus on developer productivity.

Commercial support and services

Helping your team build great web applications is our core business

We provide support, services and development tools to ensure that you get better results faster.

Maintaining our own release branch of GWT effectively makes Vaadin the only source for commercial first level GWT support with a timely resolution to problems slowing your project down. Learn more »

Contributing back

We see GWT as a great technology to build on

As a member of the GWT steering committee we want to ensure that GWT is the stable foundation the developer community can continue to trust for years to come.

The Vaadin team maintains a branch of GWT within Vaadin Framework to be able to guarantee a timely maintenance schedule.

Whenever we fix a bug or add a feature directly related to GWT in Vaadin, it is also committed back upstream and will eventually end up in a GWT release.

Why go Vaadin?

Only benefits, no gotchas

You will enjoy everything you love in GWT and get the additional benefit of a novel server-side programming model, components, tools, themes and other extras. If you do not like what you are seeing, it is easy to return as long as you stick to using* packages.

You will probably be tempted to start using features in com.vaadin.* packages eventually. But there is no need to worry—Vaadin Framework is also distributed under the same liberal Apache 2.0 license.

How to get started

Vaadin 7 is in beta at the moment, so there still some rough edges. Most notably, the documentation is worked on. Now that you have been properly warned, go ahead and try it out.

7 for Vaadin users

Vaadin is still the super easy server-centric framework you have grown to love

This time with the features you have been waiting for since Vaadin 7 was announced.

There is only one thing that you will miss with 7: now you don't have to choose between GWT and Vaadin—you can have both.

Roadmap ahead

Vaadin 7 coming in December

Including GWT in Vaadin was announced on June 29 at Google IO 2012 along with the first alpha release of Vaadin 7 to include GWT.

The final release of Vaadin 7 is planned for the end of the year. Commercial support will be available from that point onwards.

We will add features to Vaadin 7 with 2-3 minor releases per year and fix issues with maintenance releases every 4 weeks. Among the first upcoming features are built-in push support, a new datagrid and many other UI components.

Browser or Server?

Choose the one that fits the task best

Vaadin is a framework that covers all your UI needs by supporting three development models: server-side Java, client-side Java and JavaScript.

We think of these as the different layers of abstraction. Choose the one that best fits your need.

For maximum productivity and ease of development, use server-side Java. For full access to the browser and offline mode, choose client-side Java. For client-side integration with other web frameworks, JavaScript can sometimes be the best choice.

With Vaadin, all three work seamlessly together.

This is just the beginning

We believe that the Java platform is the best way of developing business oriented applications

Combining the two most powerful Java oriented rich web frameworks lays a solid foundation upon which to build the future of web development tools.

Our goals of optimizing developer experience, end-user experience and scalability with Vaadin Framework remain and continue to set the direction in which we are developing this technology.

Expect to be able to build amazing applications that work with all devices more and more easily with Vaadin.