FancyLayouts AddOn

Hello Sami,

A few months ago I’m using FancyLayout for the carousel of images which had good acceptance by the user. But the user required that when you click on the image allows to open a link. As my available time was short, I had to modify the code to meet the goal.

Sending the modified code.

Bye. (395 KB)

Hello Sami,
First of all thanks for the Addon it really helped me.
I am using the Addon as slideshow with 5 images in the first page of an application.
My question is how I can start the slideshow after all the images are loaded so the presentation will be smooth.


Hi Sami,

I’m trying to use the Fancy Notifications addon, it’s exactly what is needed for my project. However there was a problem that I’m trying to understand.

Explainig… when I have to or more browsers accessing my application, the notifications are all shown in just one of the browsers. If I have 3 clients each with browser 1, browser 2 and browser 3, when a error occurs in browser 2 of the client 2 the notification appears in browser 1 of the client 1.

Currently I have vaadin Notification but it has to be replaced because the messages appear overlapped when there is more than 1.

I’m using Vaadin framework 7.7.9 and Fancy layouts 1.0.1.

Thanks, best regards